Master Antenna Television System: IIS will cover a multiple TV solutions which include:- -Switching solution is a suitable solution for residential, administration office and etc…Which include Signal Amplifies and multis-witches in different range. – WISI and Triax our partner are the perfect devices for building community receiving systems for small and medium sized community systems like housing estates, hotels and hospitals.
MATV stands for Master Antenna Television or Master Antenna TV. It is a system used for the distribution of television signals within a building or a specific area. MATV systems are commonly employed in hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, educational institutions, and other large-scale installations where multiple televisions need to receive broadcast signals. Here are the key components and features of an MATV system: Antenna: The MATV system starts with an antenna that receives television signals from various sources, such as terrestrial broadcast stations, cable providers, or satellite dishes. The antenna captures these signals and sends them to the distribution network. Distribution Network: The distribution network consists of coaxial cables and signal amplifiers. Coaxial cables carry the television signals from the antenna to the different televisions throughout the building. Signal amplifiers ensure that the signal strength remains consistent and strong as it travels through the cables and reaches the televisions. Signal Splitting and Amplification: Signal splitters are used to divide the incoming signals from the antenna into multiple channels, allowing different channels to be distributed to different televisions simultaneously. Amplifiers are employed to compensate for signal losses incurred during distribution, ensuring that the signal remains clear and strong across all televisions. TV Outlets: TV outlets or wall plates are installed at various locations within the building, typically in individual rooms or designated common areas. These outlets provide the connection points for televisions to receive the distributed signals. Each outlet is connected to the distribution network via coaxial cables. Channel Selection: MATV systems can be designed to distribute a specific set of channels or a customized channel lineup. The channel selection can be controlled centrally or individually at each TV outlet, depending on the system configuration and requirements. Integration with Pay TV or Satellite Systems: In some cases, MATV systems are integrated with pay TV or satellite systems. This allows for the distribution of additional channels or premium content to the televisions within the building, providing a wider range of programming options.

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