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It is starting from the name our aim is to design, develop and execute innovative integrated solutions for our customers. We would like to start by thanking you for taking interest in our services.

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Quality is more than product and services. It stems from the quality of the relationship between client and IIS, we’re mindful of fostering a family-like atmosphere.


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It is through the power of our people, led by a dedicated, knowledgeable and highly experienced executive team that we continue to create technology-based business solutions that meet the information management needs of today and the future for different communities. We are great proud in our strong management, proven solutions and a vision for the delivery of IIS services.


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Our Commitment!!! This is just a part of our commitment to win our client satis-faction it is our main goal.

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Eng. Moustafa Eldewary​


We are responsible for ensuring safety, efficiency, and functionality in their designs, and they often work in teams, collaborating with other professionals to bring projects to fruition.

Eng. Mahmoud Kadry

Network Engineer

Engineers play a crucial role in various industries and sectors, utilizing their expertise to innovate, improve processes, and build structures and systems.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We take the security of client data very seriously. We follow industry best practices and adhere to strict security protocols to protect client information. This includes implementing secure development practices, using encryption technologies, regularly updating and patching systems, conducting security audits and assessments, and training our team members on security awareness. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients to ensure confidentiality.
We adopt a project management approach that emphasizes clear communication and collaboration. We assign a dedicated project manager who serves as the primary point of contact for the client. The project manager ensures that project milestones and deadlines are met, communicates progress updates, facilitates feedback and approvals, and addresses any concerns or questions that may arise. We utilize various communication channels such as email, phone calls, video conferences, and project management tools to keep our clients informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.
We value long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we provide ongoing customer support and maintenance services. After the project is completed, we offer post-project support, including bug fixes, performance optimization, and updates. We also provide service level agreements (SLAs) for priority support and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ technology solutions continue to operate smoothly and effectively even after the project is delivered.

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