Fire Alarm System

IIS also provides complete fire alarm solutions for our clients using the most Professional designs, techniques, materials & fixing methods. Using state of the art and world-renowned products with premium quality and warranty, IIS can compete with any other company by delivering the maximum safety and reliability with reasonable price in addition to excellent services. Our Honeywell fire alarm Panels/series approved to American Standard UL listed and FM approved or approved to European standards EN54-2 & 4, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – Control & Indicating Equipment for each product line.
A fire alarm system is a network of interconnected devices and components designed to detect and alert occupants of a building in the event of a fire. It consists of various elements such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, fire alarm control panels, notification devices (such as horns, strobes, and speakers), and sometimes sprinkler systems. When a fire-related event is detected, the system activates audible and visual alarms to warn occupants and initiates appropriate actions, such as notifying the fire department or activating fire suppression systems.
Fire alarm systems work by continuously monitoring the environment for signs of fire or smoke. Smoke detectors and heat detectors are strategically placed throughout the building to detect changes in temperature or the presence of smoke particles. When a detector senses a potential fire, it sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel. The control panel processes the signals and activates the alarm devices, such as sounding alarms and activating visual notification devices. The system can also trigger other actions, such as closing fire doors, activating sprinkler systems, and initiating emergency evacuation procedures.

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